@INPROCEEDINGS{Feuerstack2011d, author = {Feuerstack, Sebastian and Anjo, Mauro Dos Santos and Pizzolato, Ednaldo B.}, title = {Model-based design and generation of a gesture-based user interface navigation control}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 10th Brazilian Symposium on on Human Factors in Computing Systems and the 5th Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction}, series = {IHC+CLIHC '11}, year = {2011}, isbn = {978-85-7669-257-7}, location = {Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil}, pages = {227--231}, numpages = {5}, url = {http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2254436.2254475}, acmid = {2254475}, publisher = {Brazilian Computer Society}, address = {Porto Alegre, Brazil, Brazil}, keywords = {HCI, hand-gesture recognition, interface navigation, model-driven design of user interfaces (MDDUI)}, abstract = {The gesture-based control of interfaces could enable interaction in situations where hardware controls are missing and support impaired people where other controls fail. The rich spectrum of combining hand postures with movements offers great interaction possibilities but requires extensive user testing to figure out an optimal control with a sufficient control performance and a low error rate. In this paper we describe a declarative, model-based gesture navigation design based on state charts that can be used for the rapid generation of different prototypes to accelerate user testing and comparison of different interaction controls. We use the declarative modeling to design and generate several variants of a gesture-based interface navigation control. The models are described using state charts and are transformed to state machines at system runtime. They can be directly executed to form a multimodal interaction.} }